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We are the answer to all your accumulated unanswered industrial and domestic electrical questions, such as installation, repair and maintenance of industrial process controllers, weighing systems and other measuring instruments.


we also repair domestic electrical appliances, including installation and maintenance of satelite recievers etc.



We offer training in practical Electronics to students and all interested candidates who are willing to get the knowledge on how to draw, read and design electronics circuit diagrams.    




Live Card!


Perfect solution to your Electrical probelms.


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    tattali (Monday, 26 October 2009 20:51)

    it is indeed a reach website.

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All the circuits pasted on our website are working circuits diagrams.

  • Circuit diagram 
  • Construction electronic projects


  • Components prices depends upon the size of the circuit and the price of each componet.


You can pay the amount through this Account No.

                      Bank: Access bank PLC

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